Become a Braillist or Braille Transcriber

PRCVI offers two courses via correspondence to Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVIs) and Educational Assistants (EAs) in the British Columbia K-12 education sector:

These courses do not qualify the candidate to teach reading/writing skills to students using braille as a literacy medium. This is the role of the qualified Teacher of Students of Visual Impairments.  


Unified English Braille (UEB) Correspondence Program for TSVIs and EAs

Photo shows a closeup of a tactile graphic .The Ministry of Education, through PRCVI, funds the course fees for teachers of students with visual impairments and educational assistants who provide direct brailling services to BC students with visual impairments in the public or Group 1 and 2 independent school system.

To begin the course, please complete and submit the following forms:

      1. Registration
      2. Supplies Order & Cheque
      3. Brailler Loan (if needed)

A cheque for $140.00, made payable to Vancouver School Board / PRCVI, must be included when you submit these forms or we can’t proceed with registration. Forms Revised: September 2022. 

Students are responsible for the purchase of textbooks, supplies and certification fees. Course materials are available directly from PRCVI at a discounted price. Most schools will reimburse students for these fees. PRCVI issues a receipt for the books and supplies upon registration and then students can submit this to their school or district for reimbursement. Please see the information package linked below for complete details on the PRCVI UEB Correspondence Course. 

Braille Course Registration Package - updated September 2022

If you are an independent student interested in learning braille, courses are available through the CNIB

Unified English Braille Technical Extension Course (UEB_TE) for Braillists/Braille Transcribers

In addition to the initial 22-lesson Correspondence Course, PRCVI is pleased to offer the 13-lesson UEB Technical Extension Course (UEB_TE). UEB_TE is designed to provide qualified transcribers with additional examples and exercises to transcribe secondary-level mathematical content. The course is offered via correspondence with an instructor.

Example of complex math equation.The UEB_TE course is intended for qualified braille transcribers working in British Columbia who possess at minimum a certificate or letter of completion for a course in the Unified English Braille code. Please note: CNIB UEB Certification is required to write the CNIB UEB Technical Letter of Proficiency exam.  For those who did not complete training through PRCVI correspondence courses in braille, PRCVI will require the applicant to verify that they have completed the necessary coursework prior to the student being accepted into the course. UEB upgrading coursework is sufficient providing the student has successfully completed the course and there is accompanying documentation that can be verified by PRCVI.

This course is open to any qualified braille transcriber with an interest in the UEB code for mathematical/technical materials. The course is especially relevant to braille transcribers who are producing materials for students who are, or will be, enrolled in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)-oriented courses at the secondary level.

A cheque for $50.00, made payable to Vancouver School Board / PRCVI, must be included when you submit these forms in order to proceed with registration.

UEB_TE Information and Registration Package (PDF)

For a current list of job postings for braillists or braille transcribers in BC, please see our Employment Opportunities page. 

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