Resources for Braille Transcribers

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As outlined in our alternate format production policy, PRCVI is responsible for the transcription and production of primary learning materials in braille format for learners in the British Columbia K-12 education sector. This means that the production of all other locally-developed materials in braille format (e.g., handouts, reading packages, teachers' notes) are the responsibility of school or district braille transcribers or educational assistants/braillists. 

PRCVI maintains the Unified English Braille (UEB) Correspondence Course as well as the UEB Technical Extension Course to provide school- and district-based braille transcribers and/or braillists with initial training in braille transcription. In addition to initial training in transcribing in UEB, the PRCVI alternate formats transcription team provides professional learning and resources through this page:

Braille transcribers and educational assistants/braillists in the BC K-12 education sector may also contact PRCVI alternate format transcribers with specific questions around UEB transcription and formatting. Please direct questions to



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