PRCVI Outreach Services

The PRCVI outreach team works collaboratively with TSVIs, students, educational teams, partner agencies, and community-based service providers to deliver meaningful and accessible programming for students with visual impairments in British Columbia.

While major branches of our outreach services are listed below, the team is open to any request for support from our community. 

Outreach support is available upon request by contacting an Outreach Coordinator


#Outreaching Blog

#Outreaching is the blog of the PRCVI Outreach Team. We use #Outreaching to share information and resources related to our journeys around British Columbia. We also use this space to share resources and content from around the Web that may be useful to TSVIs along with connections to both our Core Curriculum and Expanded Core Curriculum portals. 

School-Based Services

The PRCVI Outreach Team delivers a number of school- and classroom-based services. See this page for examples of current projects and services available by request, such as Lesson Study for TSVIs and Inclusive Coding for Students with Visual Impairments. 

Student Directed Outreach

Virtual outreach with topics and content motivated by student interests. Weekly and monthly sessions offered by the PRCVI outreach team via Zoom. 

Play-Based Assessment for Students with Deafblindness

In partnership with the Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness, the PRCVI Outreach Team has developed the TPBVDA - a synthesis of Transdisplinary Play-Based Assessment and the van Dijk assessment approach. 

British Columbia Regional Braille Challenge

The British Columbia Regional Braille Challenge is a reading and writing competition for students who use braille from kindergarten to Grade 12 hosted each year on the campus of the University of British Columbia. 


The PRCVI Forum is a monthly conference call for BC TSVIs, hosted jointly with the BC Vision Teachers' Association. No formal agenda, just the topics that matter to TSVIs!

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