PRCVI Outreach Services

Photo shows PRCVI outreach coordinators leading a whole class activity

The PRCVI Outreach Team consults and collaborates with teachers of students with visual impairments (TSVIs) in school districts and independent schools in British Columbia. Outreach support is flexible and is focused on the needs of the TSVI and the educational team and is available upon request.

Past topics of student-focused outreach activities have included:

  • Providing support/input on the planning and administration of specialized assessments (e.g., Functional Vision Assessment, Learning Media Assessment).
  • Collaborating with the TSVI to develop introductory lessons for a new assistive technology solution for the student. 
  • Collaboratively planning and delivering a series of lessons around simple meal preparation with a student with a visual impairment and a small group of his/her peers.
  • Working with the TSVI and Orientation and Mobility specialist to plan and execute a trip to a shopping mall with a student, with the goal of purchasing materials for a class project. 

In addition to student-focused outreach support, the PRCVI Outreach Team also supports vision professionals working in schools. Past topics of professional-focused outreach activities have included:

  • Completing of the process of caseload analysis on invitation from school district/independent school administration. 
  • Delivering TSVI recruitment presentations in school districts/independent schools in need of a new TSVI.
  • Developing and delivering regional workshops on the transition from English Braille - American Edition to the Unified English Braille Code in the K-12 education sector in British Columbia.
  • Attending regional meetings of the BC Vision Teachers' Association to highlight new resources and initiatives at PRCVI.

Outreach support is available upon request by contacting an Outreach Coordinator

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