Resources for Supporting Students with Visual Impairments

The team at PRCVI has created and curated resources to support teachers of students with visual impairments and educational teams in promoting meaningful access to learning opportunities for students with visual impairments. Please check out the pages below for more information.

Braille Bites

Braille Bites is a series of short videos that showcase a number of activities to prepare young students on their journey to reading braille.

The Expanded Core Curriculum

Portal showcasing each of the nine areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum, with featured resources and connections to the BC K-12 curriculum. 

The Core Curriculum

Portal featuring resources and adaptations in the BC K-12 Curriculum as well as connections to the Expanded Core Curriculum.

PRCVI Caseload Analysis Process

Process to provide school, program, or district administration with a data-driven estimate of the TSVI service needs of students with visual impairments. 

Resources for Teachers

Topic-specific resources for TSVIs

Resources for Braille Transcribers

Resources for braillists and braille transcribers working to transcribe print materials into braille format. 

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