The Core Curriculum 

Learning for the next generation of engaged citizens.

Twenty-first century learning delivered by classroom and subject-area teachers in inclusive settings. Collaborative partnership with a qualified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments ensures that instruction is both accessible and meaningful for students with visual impairments.  

Photo shows two pairs of hands holding sea anemones


includes biology, chemistry, physics, and earth, space, and environmental sciences.

Photo shows a close up view of a tactile globe.

Social Studies

includes the study of connections between human and natural environments. 

Photo shows a pair of hands working a lump of clay.

Arts Education

include experiences and activities in dance, drama, music, and visual arts. 

Photo shows a leg kicking a ball to a student standing in the background

Physical & Health Education

includes a focus on lifelong physical health and mental well-being through healthy habits.

Photo shows a student exploring a tactile graphic.


include thinking strategies; explanation & justification of mathematical ideas. 

Photo shows a student playing a coding game.

Applied Design, Skills, & Tech

includes design thinking, coding, workflow analysis, and research skills. 

Photo shows a student reading a book on a reading stand.

English Language Arts

includes communication skills, digital literacy, and constructing a sense of personal identity.

Two students engaged in conversation.


include American Sign Language, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean languages. 

Photo shows a teacher and student reading together at a table

Board Authorized Courses

courses developed in areas of the ECC to provide choice and flexibility for students.

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