Lesson Study for TSVIs

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Lesson Study is a systematic inquiry into teaching practice around a particular learning goal or student outcome. The process requires close collaboration between a team of educators working to develop and refine a lesson plan. The Lesson Study approach, popular among Japanese educators, has been identified as a powerful form of professional development and of promoting best practices in instruction. There are three general phases to the Lesson Study process (Fernandez, 2002):

  1. Lesson Design. Educators meet to select a goal to address through instruction. Educators work collaboratively to develop a detailed lesson plan or set of lesson plans around that goal. The lesson plan is written with sufficient detail so that it can be implemented by an educator who was not a part of the design process.
  2. Lesson Implementation. One educator from the design team delivers the lesson to a student or group of students while other members of the team make careful observations and notes on the effectiveness of the lesson plan as it unfolds. 
  3. Lesson Debriefing and Revision. Following delivery of the lesson, educators reconvene to debrief the lesson and share observations. Following the team's discussion, revisions are made to the lesson plan. The result of the process is a model lesson plan that can be used by colleagues looking to address a similar instructional goal with their students. 

Recognizing that opportunity for collaboration and shared professional development among teachers of students of visual impairments is limited, the PRCVI Outreach Team has adapted the process of Lesson Study to better fit the reality of itinerant service delivery. The Outreach Team, in partnership with BC TSVIs, is working to develop lessons around areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Grade Level ECC Domain Lesson Duration Lesson Plan
Intermediate (Grades 4-7) Independent Living Skills 1-2 hours Adapting Kitchen Appliances 

Have a topic for Lesson Study? Get started by contacting an Outreach Coordinator

Images shows a student laughing while pouring a bowl of popped popcorn
A student enjoys the result of the Lesson Study lesson


Fernandez, C. (2002). Learning from Japanese approaches to professional development: The case of lesson study. Journal of teacher education, 53, 393-405.

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