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PRCVI logo with the word Forum with the letters f-o-r in contracted braille

#Outreaching - Connecting TSVIs with the PRCVI Forum

On the first Thursday of every month, the PRCVI outreach team hosts an open forum for teachers of students with visual impairments in BC. No meeting agenda - just the topics that matter to TSVIs. 

Two feet maneuver a soccer ball

Sports Days for Students with Visual Impairments

Each year, Spots Days are organized for students with visual impairments in communities across BC. Sports Days provide opportunities for students to connect and participate in accessible sport activities.

Photo shows a student sitting at a braillewriter across from the proctor

BC Regional Braille Challenge 2019

This year's celebration of braille reading and writing was on February 22, 2019 at UBC! Looking forward to the finalist announcement from Braille Insitute!


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