Braille Correspondence Program for TSVIs and Educational Assistants in British Columbia

The Course Information Package and Forms are available on our page: Become a Braillist or Braille Transcriber

PRCVI Media Consent Form

In order to use photographs and/or videos of a child or use the child’s materials for publications such as resource guides, brochures, information or training on the SET-BC, PRCVI or ARC-BC websites, and presentations in educational workshops or conferences, a release form must be signed by the parent or guardian.

PRCVI Media Consent Form (PDF)

PRCVI Referral for Eligibility of Vision Resources Package

Please see our Registering a Student page for complete information on the process and required documentation. 


PRCVI Vision Services Catalogue - Request a New Title

If you can't find a title in the PRCVI Library Catalogue, you may complete this online form. We will contact you shortly to let you know whether we will be able to fill your request.

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