Student Directed Outreach

Screen shot of screen sharing Window on ZoomWith a ever greater number of students learning virtually, the PRCVI Outreach Team is working to create dynamic content that is relevant to learners with visual impairments and their educational teams. In contrast to the school-based services offered by PRCVI that are student-focused but educator-directed, these virtual sessions are entirely student-directed. First and foremost, the topics of student-directed outreach are based on what is most relevant to the learner and is based on their preferences, motivations, and personal goals - the learning task is defined by the learner.

Starting in November 2020, the PRCVI Outreach Team will be offering two student-directed outreach sessions on a regular basis. Please see below for more information on content and scheduling:

AT for Non-Visual Access

Scheduled AT drop in sessions have ended for 2020-2021. Thank you for joining us! Check back in September 2021 for more dates. 

Lightbox Story Hour!

The Lightbox Story Hour has ended. Thank you for joining us! This page will stay active for archived stories. 

Virtual Games

Every other Friday, PRCVI hosts Braille Games! - an interactive set of virtual games focused on building braille knowledge. 

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