Learning Opportunities - Recreation & Leisure

Photo shows a ball being kicked to a student on a soccer field

Recreation and Leisure Skills provide the context for the acquisition of gross motor skills for students with visual impairments, including those with multiple exceptionalities and deafblindness. These students need to be exposed directly to "the skills needed for incorporating recreation and leisure activities into their lives and offered safe, non-threatening opportunities to try those activities" (Allman, Lewis, Leiberman, & Ross, 2017, p. 370). This page contains resources to support the instruction of recreation and leisure skills, including pages devoted to professional learning and practice opportunities supported by PRCVI:

Sports Montage Video Clips

A collection of video clips showcasing athletes who are blind and visually impaired participating in various sports including hockey, goalball, soccer, archery, swimming, track, tandem cycling, cross country skiing, marathon running, bowling, gymnastics, curling, football, wrestling, beep ball, golf and super combined slalom.
Created by Andrea Cohen at the Calgary Board of Education - Vision Resource Centre

 Sports Montage Video Clips 

 More information is available on this page


Allman, C.B., Lewis, S., Lieberman, L., & Ross, M.A. (2014). Recreation and leisure. In C.B. Allman & S. Lewis (eds.) ECC Essentials: Teaching the Expanded Core Curriculum to Students with Visual Impairments (pp. 369-410). New York, NY: AFB Press.

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