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March/April 2017 - Issue 13

Featured Resources

In this section we feature resources from the PRCVI collection that may be helpful to teachers and students.

APH Tactile graphic Line Slate

PRCVI has recently added the APH line slate to its collection. This low-tech tool can be used to add details to existing tactile graphics or to create basic line-based graphics for various activities (it cannot create curves or circles). You can find more details about it here, as it has now been added to the library.

Abi Books

This set of books from RNIB consist of humourous stories featuring a character who is blind, and provide extra reading practice for UEB learners. You can find more details about them in the PRCVI library: Set #1; Set #2; and Set #3.

Spinner Overlays for Light Boxes

Light box spinners are used with light box overlays to create high-contrast, moving patterns. These spinner overlays are separate from those included in Light Box Level One kits. You can find more details about them here, as it has now been added to the library.

What's New at PRCVI?

Year-End Reminders

If you have not yet sent in fall orders for materials, please do so as soon as possible. If you have students in high school and would like some outreach around advocacy and determining next year's textbooks, the outreach team is available to help. In addition, if you have students who will need reading material over the summer, be sure to get orders in before shipping stops in mid-June.

Tech Tips

Technology changes fast! This section provides some information about the latest developments so that you can stay up to date.

Talking Typer for iPhone

APH has launched Talking Typer for iOS, an accessible typing tutor for students with visual impairments

Braille Tutor

Braille Tutor is a new iOS (iPad only) app that uses the home row on a paired Bluetooth keyboard to teach UEB. The app is self-voicing, but also fully supports iPad accessibility features.

VO Lab

VO Lab is a paid iOS app that uses a game and fictional storyline to teach VoiceOver gestures.

Links and Multimedia

Here are some interesting articles, videos, and podcasts that have comeacross our news feeds recently.

AFB AccessWorld

The latest version of AFB AccessWorld is available and includes articles summarizing the 2017 AFB Leadership conference and the 2017 CSUN conference.

Tips for Accessible Summer Reading Clubs

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) offers some accessible activity ideas to make summer reading clubs more inclusive for participants with print disabilities.

News and Events

This section summarizes events happening around the province that may be of interest to teachers of the visually impaired or their students and families.

CNIB Creative Writing Contest

The CNIB's 2017 Braille Creative Writing Contest is open, with an entry deadline of May 31. You can find more details about it here

Braille Challenge Finalists

Congratulations! The finalists from the National Braille Challenge have been announced, including two Canadians – one BC student and one Alberta student.

Perkins Webinar: FVA for Students with Multiple Disabilities

May 17, 2017 from 1:00 – 2:00 EST. Register here

What's Happening on Yammer

Some great links have been posted to Yammer over the past several months. Here is just a sample of the great links and resources being shared:

Having trouble logging in to Yammer or not yet signed up? Please contact Jennifer Jesso ( or Ellen Hsieh ( for assistance.

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