Braille Literacy

The following resources will provide information to assist in the appropriate selection of Braille teaching materials. It also features information highlighting current trends and influences in the field.

Professional Consensus on Instructional Considerations for Students in Braille Literacy Programs

Instructional Strategies for Dual Media
by Alan J. Koenig & M. Cay Holbrook

Project SLATE, Framework for Braille/26

Project SLATE Braille Instruction Table (PDF)

Teaching Braille to Students with Visual Impairments - On-line Tutorials

Pat Gould and Carolyn Northcott share their knowledge, experiences and expertise on the topic of teaching braille to students with visual impairments. This is an informal but information filled presentation. Along with factors to consider, braille programs, personal experiences and teaching strategies, they share a host of resources and web links. Clicking on the mountbatten and map reading links you will be able to watch video clips of a young student demonstrate her skills.
On some computers you may need to upload Adobe Connect or Windows Media Player.

Teaching Braille to Students with Visual Impairments - On-line Tutorial

Mountbatten Brailler (Video)

Map Reading (Video)


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