Vocational Skills

Image shows a logo representing Career and Vocational SkillsWhen most people think about the word ‘career’, they think ‘paid work’. Vocational education has a broader scope in its approach. It strives to help students become aware of the possibilities for life after school. For some students that might be going onto post-secondary education, for others it might be volunteering, raising a family or maintaining a home. Career and Vocational education skills include:

  • Being aware of personal strengths and interests
  • Developing and reflecting on personal competency
  • Exploring possibilities after graduation related to education, work and personal life

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This week is National AccessAbility Awareness Week in Canada. The week, which lasts from May 26 to June 1, celebrates and raises awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusive design in areas such as work, school, leisure activities, and communities. Activities and events are being held in provinces across Canada, including virtual celebrations through the #Acces ...

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