What's New at PRCVI?

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PRCVI logo with the word Forum with the letters f-o-r in contracted braille

#Outreaching - Connecting TSVIs with the PRCVI Forum

On the first Tuesday of every month, the PRCVI outreach team hosts an open forum for TSVIs in BC. No meeting agenda - just the topics that matter to teachers. 

Photo shows a TSVI and a student working together

New Portal for the Expanded Core Curriculum

Outlines each ECC skill area with connections to the British Columbia K-12 curriculum as well as links to PRCVI and web-based resources.

Photo shows a student reading from paper in a braillewriter. A cartoon sun, palm tree, and beach ball have been added to the photo.

BC Regional Braille Challenge 2020

This year's celebration of braille reading and writing is on Friday, February 21, 2020 at UBC! It's our first themed Challenge - BEACH DAY!

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